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Advisory Services

Helping Communities Go Green

Municipalities and commercial entities across the country increasingly look to renewable energy as an opportunity to save money, manage long-term costs and attract businesses and individuals to their communities or organizations. At the Community Power Group, we work with organizations to develop goals and help them assess how renewable energy can help meet their goals.


Community Power Group offers a variety of services to help enable growth in renewable energy across the country. Our advisory group includes a complete suite of green strategy and implementation services.

Strategic Planning
Municipalities, businesses, and other organizations are encouraged by both societal and economic factors to transition to clean energy use. The Community Power Group helps organizations develop sustainability goals, analyze their energy use and evaluate untapped green energy and sustainability resources. We then provide strategic guidance on how to implement a green energy strategy in the most cost effective way. In most instances, a green strategy can be implemented with no capital expenditures by leveraging existing federal, state and local incentives.
Benefits of Solar Planning
  • Reduction of long-term energy cost
  • Predictable future energy costs
  • Position your organization as sustainable and “green”
  • Monetize unusable property such as rooftops, landfills, brownfields or parking lots
  • Meet required renewable energy goals
Unique Solar Experience
In addition to extensive green energy experience, the Community Power Group has unique experience in advising and implementing projects in the following areas:
  • Brownfields/Landfills
  • Universities
  • Rooftops
  • Airports
  • Incorporating green energy sources into existing onsite power generation capabilities
  • Energy storage
General Solar Feasibility Studies
  • Assessment of local, state and federal incentives for various green technologies
  • Local utility rules, benefits and roadblocks
  • State and local tax assessment including potential revenue from estimated solar capacity in region
  • Electric infrastructure
  • Substation size and interconnection feasibility with energy facility site assessment
  • Transmission line mapping
  • Distribution line mapping and feasibility assessments for specific sites
  • Brownfield identification
  • Electrical infrastructure assessment
  • Energy facility sizing
  • Development cost estimate and related feasibility assessment
  • Detailed landfill site assessments
  • Settlement issues
  • Civil engineering requirements
  • Landfill cap examination
  • Electrical infrastructure
  • Local permitting
  • Development cost estimate and related feasibility assessment
  • Local solar radiance assessment
  • Solar energy cost models
  • Ownership vs PPA model
  • Net metering
  • Implications of systems “behind the meter”
  • RFP planning, preparation and process management
  • Solar energy ordinance development
Our advisory services coupled with extensive project development experience provide a unique perspective and insight to help organizations achieve their green and sustainability goals.