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Why Choose CPG

Community Power Group (CPG) has a proven 15-year holistic approach to solar garden development, delivering optimal outcomes for the landowners and the community alike. Our focus encompasses:

Competitive Pricing

Whether you are looking for additional passive income or a long-term estate plan for the next generation, we provide some of the most competitive prices and have never traded on price.

Land Owner Friendly Contracts

Our land lease contracts are balanced and transparent. We are routinely recommended by landowner attorneys that have previously worked with us because of our fair and balanced leases.

Custom Solar Design

We work with landowners to ensure the solar garden is placed in a location that works with the existing use of the property.

Removal Bond

We provide removal bonds to ensure that at the end of the lease term there are funds available to remove the solar facility

Wildlife-Preserving Fences

We use traditional game fence rather than chain link, to allow for wildlife to roam freely, while preserving the aesthetic appeal of the site.

Pollinator Friendly Ground Cover

We work with local horticulture specialists to develop a pollinator friendly seed mix that will work on your farm.

Community Engagement

We collaborate with the local community and neighbors to develop a project that aligns with community needs and values.
Example of Game Fencing
Example of Pollinator-Friendly Solar and Game Fence

Why Choose CPG

CPG has a diverse clientele of farmers, commercial and industrial operation managers, remote landowners, NGOs and local governments, and other individuals who live on-site. If you are interested in leasing your land for solar, please fill out the form below or contact us via mail, phone, or email. We will be in touch shortly.