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Community Power Group’s President, Mike Borkowski, was recently featured on an episode of Bracewell LLP’s ‘Environmental Law Monitor’ podcast series to discuss the deployment of renewable energy on previously developed sites known as brownfields. The podcast was hosted by Bracewell Associate Daniel Pope and featured Bracewell Partner and Environmental Department Chair Jason Hutt as well. On the podcast, Mr. Borkowski, Mr. Pope, and Mr. Hutt discuss the legal, regulatory, and statutory considerations surrounding solar development on brownfield sites, which oftentimes have limited development potential. Solar development on brownfields represents an avenue to transform a liability into an asset, capitalize upon existing solar-friendly infrastructure, and minimize impact to forest and agricultural lands.

As municipalities across the country grapple with the successful implementation of solar ordinances in compliance with state-mandated renewable portfolio standards, an increasingly prevalent tension around the conservation of land and natural resources versus the development of solar generating facilities grows. Irrespective of local support of renewable energy adoption exists controversy around the “optimal” siting conditions for such facilities. Community constituents, public officials, conservation advocates, developers, and utilities alike virtually always agree that the siting of solar generating facilities on brownfields circumvents the “NIMBY” perspective that can be associated with ground-mounted solar gardens.

Community Power Group is thrilled to specialize in the development of brownfield solar, a booming niche of the industry. The development of solar facilities on brownfields reflect upon CPG’s values of conscientious community-driven solar design in accordance with existing land uses, potential optimization (i.e. turning a brownfield into a “brightfield”), and environmental sustainability.

Listen to the ‘Going Green in the Brownfields’ podcast episode here: